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7 Different Kinds of Watches Any Stylish Man Should Own!


Watches are not just a way to keep time, they are a style statement. Over the years watches have evolved with great technology built into them and capable of providing far more features than just simple time keeping. Watches have been around for centuries and there are some amazingly stylish watches that available from $10 to even collectors editions that are worth millions of dollars.

For the average person, it might not be able to buy collectors edition watches but there are some types of watches that every man should own. Each watch can be worn for the occassion and if you are a style-concious man, it is essential that have such a collection to complement your overall look.

Here are 7 different types of watches every man should own:


The Chronograph

A chronograph is the first type of watch a stylish man should own. A chronograph watch has a stopwatch combined with a display watch. Such type of watches usually have an independent sweep second hand and will have independent buttons to start, stop and return to zero.



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