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7 Everyday Foods You Should Eat to Grow a Healthy & Thick Beard!


Ever since the popularity of “No Shave” November, men around the globe are looking for a way to grow thick dark beards and mustaches. People try different chemicals and lotions, but so far there has been no single solution for growing a long and healthy beard. Using chemicals and beard oils is never advisable as they could have adverse effects on the skin due to reactions to sensitive skin. To grow a healthy and thick beard, here are some foods you should always include in your diet. These foods contain necessary vitamins and nutrients that help growth of facial hair without having to worry about the side effects of chemicals.

Here are 7 everyday foods you should eat to grow a healthy and thick beard.

2Fruit pulp

As you already know, manliness is the product of testosterone. There are some globulins in our blood stream that diminishes the production of it. However, fruit pulp can counter this attack due to the presence of fructose.


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